Petar Blagojevic

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By Crusader1307

 Petar Blagojevic may not be a well known name (and possibly for hundreds of years) -  His name is still known in Serbia and surrounding Regions. A Peasant, His date of birth is unknown but what is known is that he ''died'' in 1725. You see, Petar was a Vampire. His ''story'' was actually written of and told throughout Europe. He is possibly the first documented ''Vampire Story and Legend'' in History (predating Bram Stoker's tale of The Immortal Count ''Dracula''). Petar's ''transformation'' in Vampire status is unknown. However, after His death, local Villagers of Shrekoland (perhaps modern Kisiljevo), began to awaken in the morning feeling very ''weak and unrested''. Seemingly ''drained of blood'' most died within 24-hours. Local authorities and the Church were at a loss initially. But investigations would lead to ''sightings'' of Petar at night (after His death), Even His former Wife stated that ''He'' had visited Her.

Going to Petar's grave (which appeared freshly disturbed), Authorities exhumed Petar and found that He ''appeared to be not decomposing and His Hair and nails were still growing''. However, because of Church regulations, a Priest from Belgrade had to be dispatched for ''verification''. Once concluded, Petar was ''staked thru The Heart'' with a ''sprig of wood''. It was noted that ''fresh blood poured from His mouth and ears''. The body was then cremated. His ashes were scattered. Perhaps the tale (by the 19th Century as ''old'') was ''heard'' by Stoker and served (with The Vlad Tepes Mythos), helped to create ''Dracula''.