• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

 Hawaii (as we have seen) – has a full and rich Native Culture, going back Centuries. Many of their Cultural History was not well known until European contact was made in the 18th Century. In time many of their Legends and Myths would become known. One of their principle figures in Island Mythology is that of Pele, Goddess of Lava. Pele is a primary ''Creation Deity'' associated with the Birth of Hawaii (which was formed from Magma activity millions of years ago). Pele is portrayed mostly in female form (and often as a ''beautiful young lady, all in Red'').

Pele grants many ''boons'' to those who both honor and recognize Her position in Hawaiian Culture. Several legends tell of how Pele ''appears'' in different forms (both Human and Animal), in forms of ''tests''. This might be anything from ''helping an injured animal'' to providing the same to an ''elderly Woman''. Such ''good acts'' are normally rewarded with ''good fortune'' for both the person performing the kindness as well as His or Her Family.

However, Pele can also provide strict punishment to others. When ''She'' is angered by The Hawaiian People, She lets Her ''displeasure'' known via a volcanic eruption. Most of these are somewhat harmless, but larger types can spew forth poisonous gases and dangerous lava flows. Many cite that ''one day'' Pele will destroy The Islands if The Hawaiian People do not maintain their Cultural Heritage. Pele is also known to curse those who take things from The Islands they shouldn't have. This can be protected plants, animals or even geological samples. If done, the Offender will be so cursed and have misfortune for the rest of their lief until the item taken is brought back to Hawaii.