Pan Twardowski

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By Crusader1307

Seen by most as Poland's version of The Tale of Faust – ''Pan Twardowski'' first appeared in Literature in the early 19th Century AD. The Legend is set in 16th Century Krakow. Said to have been a minor Sorcerer, Pan sold His Soul to The Devil for great wealth, power and even more ''magical skills' . The Devil obliged, but The Contract so stipulated that only when pan went to The City of Rome – could The Devil take possession. Now Pan, who considered Himself smart – never intended to go to Rome – ever. Pan would rise to great power and influence due to conjuring the Spirit of The King of Poland's long dead Wife. Pan met His ''end'' one night, when He stopped as an Inn called ''Rome'' (it seems The Devil is far smarter and clever). Taking Pan's soul to Hell, Pan began to pray to The Virgin Mary for help. His prayers so annoyed The Devil, that He dropped Pan on The Moon. Cursed with immortality, He is still said to live there for all Eternity. His only companion is a Spider, whose web is capable of reaching The Earth. On this web is gathered news from Pan's ''old home''. And while many attribute Pan to various Writers, some say He actually lived – with various locations associated with Him, as well as several personal articles Pan supposedly used.