Pact Ink

  • The Occult
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By Crusader1307

''Contracts'' with The Devil have often been used as a Literary Plot device for Centuries. As with the most famous version of ''Faust'' and His deal with Lucifer, the placing of One's name onto a formal and legal Contract, produced by either The Devil or One of His Minion -  is the method of both achieving One's stated desire and damning One's Soul to ''Eternal Fire''. Commonly, Blood is sued in tales, probably more so to enhance the ''drama'' of The Deal. In truth, Occultists cite that blood was NOT the medium used. It was rather an ink made from what was called Iron Gall Ink. This ink was actually a type of organically based substance actually used as an early form of ink, and was used for general writing. It was common from the 5th Century AD until the start of the 19th Century. It's ingredients were seen (again by Occultists) as ''magical'' in source. However, it's choice was made due to the mixture of materials which allowed for writing to be imprinted and dry very quickly, as well as for it's ability to remain for ages. Gall (a form of substance produced by various wasps would interact with natural secretions of Oak and related Trees from which wasps would built their nests. Hardening, they were removed and pulverized. This was mixed with various Sulfates and Tannic Acids. Hence an early form of Ink, no doubt been used by ''Old Scratch'' Himself!