Ox Head & Horse Face

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By Crusader1307

Relating to ancient Chinese Mythology, The Beings known as ''Ox-Head'' and ''Horse-Face'' or Guardians in The Underworld, who are tasked with ''sorting out'' The Just'' from ''The Unjust''. As their names refer, One bears The Head of an Ox and The Other, that of a Horse. Both have the body of a Human. They carry weapons (Sword and Spear) to torment those who do not follow their instructions. Human Souls were seen in Ancient Chinese Culture, to be ''free'' (unfettered by their Earthly bodies), and needed to be ''rounded up'' in The Afterlife, for Judgment. It was the job of Ox-Head and Horse-Face to accomplish this. Both are employed by The ''King of Hell''. The principle of ''Hades'' was seen quite different in Ancient Chinese Culture. All Souls needed to go before The ''King of Hell'' for Judgment. Those who lived a just Life, were rewarded those who did not were tormented. The apt ''Guardians of Hell'' Ox-Head and Horse-Face guard the Entrance to keep out all ''Living Beings''.