Orland Minyak ''Oily Man''

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

Which, when translated from Maylasian into English is ''Oily Man'' is a purported Supernatural Being which not only haunts The Jungles, but also can be found in many Ghettos and related Urban Areas frequented by The Poor. ''It'' can be found as an ''Urban Legend'' starting in the 1950s. The Minyak is said to resemble a Human Man but without any facial features. The Entity is completely covered in a thick black oil or grease. It is said that this is ''how'' The Creature can easily ''slip into'' nearly any space regardless of how small. Legend states that ''Oily Man'' may be a form of Homoculus, created by a Shaman. The Shaman was in love, but His Chosen was unfaithful. The Shaman ''created'' Minyak and sent His creation to slay not only His intended, but Her Lover. When The Shaman died, He did not destroy His creation. As such ''Oily Man'' runs rampant through The World, murdering ''unfaithful women''.