Opet Festival

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By Crusader1307

Dating to 16th Century BC and Ancient Egypt – The ''Opet Festival'' (''Opet'' was term directed for The Month of Fertility) was an 11-day Fertility Celebration normally occurring in the Autumn months. It not only celebrated the coming Harvest, but all The Egyptian Gods that were responsible for the ''bounty'' reaped. It was also during Opet, that important offerings to The Gods were made for the entire year. Failure to do so could mean catastrophe. Normally led by the reigning Pharaoh and His Family, the actual procession included large representations of the various Gods, in parade fashion. A City's population would line the streets for miles, signing praises for The Gods and Goddesses, as well as Pharaoh. So too was The Nile used to convey The Festival. Great Barges were decorated for this purpose. However, upon reaching the ''Sacred City'' of Karnack (Thebes), no Commoners were allowed to participate. Only The Pharaoh and His retinue of Priests could make the appropriate sacrifices to The Gods.