Old Sud's Apple Tree

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By Crusader1307

 The State of Tennessee (America) is known foe many tales of Ghosts, Curse's and Superstitions. One popular one from the Eastern part of The State goes back at least 200 years. It is the story of ''Old Sud''. Sud was a boisterous and loud Man, who ''cursed and swore regularly'' A drinker, He also loved to fight (regardless if He ''won or not''. Two things that Old Sud did cherish – was Children and Apples. He loved Apples so much He ate them many times a day. In particular, Old Sud loved to perform an ''Apple Trick'' for the Children. His ''stunt'' was to cut an apple in half and throw it high into the air. Just before it hit the ground, Sud would ''catch it'' in His mouth and ''crunch it down'' (to the delight of His audience).

One day, as Sud performed His trick – the Apple was caught incorrectly and went straight down His throat, chocking Him. He died before anyone could help. Sud was buried by His Wife. They left the Region soon afterwards. Within the year, a strange sight was seen in the Town Graveyard. An Apple Tree was found growing out of Sud's grave! It was learned that no one bothered to remove the apple from Sud's throat, and the seeds ''must'' have simply ''grown out''. A more beautiful Apple Tree one had never seen.

However, several strange things would happen. Should someone pick or take and Apple from the ground, the Tree would ''growl''. Only if the fruit was returned would the Tree ''stop''. And for those who did not care and ate an Apple, a ''growling'' would start in their stomach (as would great pain). It would take several weeks until the pain and growling would stop. One day, during a storm – lighting hit the Apple Tree, splitting it in two and setting it aflame. No further ''problems'' developed after such.