• Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

In Feudal Japanese History, the term ''Ochimusha'' was applied to those ''few'' Samurai who had violated The Code of Bushido in battle. Rather than dying in combat, The Ochimusha ''ran'' or showed cowardice''. As such, they were required to shave their ''Top Knot'' (a hairstyle closely associated with The Warrior Class). The upper crown of their head was shorn bald and any remaining side hair allowed to flow free. They were no longer Samurai and were shunned, often hunted. Conversely, this stigma would follow into death. The Spirit of the dead ''coward'' (still identified as Ochimusha), was cursed to wander The Earth for all Eternity. Often shown in Art as Human, their visage is forever fixed in the terror they experienced on the battlefield. Further, they are often shown bristling with the arrows of their Enemies. The Spirit is mostly found haunting ancient battlefields.