Obon Festival

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By Crusader1307

Dating to Medieval Japan, an ''Obon Festival'' was a Family Ceremonial Ritual, held yearly – to not only Honor, but to provide Prayers to those Souls in Purgatory (for their remittance to anther incarnation or Paradise). Often as many Family Relatives were invited, for the more Prayers said, the more positive the ''Energy'' sent to the deceased Loved One was given. Normally held in The Month of August, The Obon was festive in that large amounts of food and drink were made and consumed with Family. Often, Gifts were given. As with many related Beliefs, samples of the food and drink prepared was ''offered'' to The Spirits, by placing them outside – for Spirits to ''consume'' and ''be Happy''. Not seen among the ''youth'' of Japan today, many older persons still conduct The Obon Festival, and it is recognized in Japan as a ''National Memorial Day''.