• Legends From Around The World
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By Crusader1307

The ''term'' Nympholepsy was coined in Ancient Greece. It was associated with the belief that a Human could be ''possessed'' or otherwise ''controlled'' by the supernatural creature known as a Nymph. As we have read, there are MANY forms of the species (throughout The World) of Nymphs. They are traditionally female, but male versions are known to exist as well. The Greeks stated that the ''effect'' happened when a Human Man ''stared'' or otherwise ''gazed into'' the eyes of a Nymph. A violent ''shaking'' or convulsion would immediately take effect. Within minutes, the victim was a ''stark raving Madman''. Only the Nymph had the ability to ''calm'' Her victim. As being enchanted, the victim was given a host of responsibilities by His ''new'' Mistress. Normally, this could be gathering food and even procreation. The primary vocation for the victim was protection of His ''charge''. Only when the Nymph was killed (or died) – would the spell be broken.