• Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

 The very strange ''Yokai'' (or Japanese spirit) – known as The Nurarihyon, is a Legend that goes back to 16th Century Feudal Japan. There origins are quite varied as well. They are depicted in Art as being very small (only 3-feet tall) Male Spirits, often seen as an ''Old Man, with a VERY big head''. They often are seen wearing fine robes and carrying swords as well. This version lends to the idea that The Nurarihyon were Guardian Spirits of Samurai Families that were no longer living. As such, they ''wander'' The World, looking for a House which is either always ''busy'' or constantly having Parties and social gatherings. As the Legend goes, when whatever function ends, The Nurarihyon appear and consume any remaining tea, wine or food (causing some consternation by The House Owners). They are not evil, but seen as ''nuisances''. They will not leave until The Home goes ''quiet''. The Nurarihyon are also seen by some as the highest level of Japanese Yokai, often able to ''command'' other Yokai. Some even invoke them to to ''rid'' a home of more ''dangerous'' Yokai.