Nunco Sa Punso

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By Crusader1307

Another quaint piece of Filipino Mythology is that of ''Nunco Sa Punso'' or ''Old Man of The Mound''. This was known as an ''Old Man'' who lived in an Ant Hill. Akin to The European Myth of a ''Hobgoblin'', ''Nuno Sa Punso'', He is malevolent. As a ''Forest Deity'', He kept watch over Trees and was often consulted on ''which'' could be chopped down. Failure to do so (by standing before any Ant Hill and asking permission), could be hazardous. Perhaps one was injured by a stray ''chop'' or errant tree falling. Simply, IF the Ants in the mound did NOT come forth then the needed tree could be felled. In another version, bad luck could come to a Worker IF he kicked an ant Hill or otherwise disturbed The ''Old Man''.