Nuku Mai Tore

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By Crusader1307

Derived from New Zealand's Maori Tribe, the Belief in The Nuku-Mai-Tore goes back to the founding of The Culture's Mythology. It is though that certain tree outcropping along a riverway – once they merge, will form special ''housing'' for Spirits called The Nuku-Mai-Tore. They are invisible to Humans, and live high in the entwined branches. The ''First Maori'' traveled thru such a ''Bridgeway'' and showed no fear. To reward Him, The Nuku gave Him the ''Secret'' of Fire, Cooking and How Maori Females can gibe birth without ''feeling pain''. The Nuku will continue to ''watch over Man'' until One attempts to destroy (or succeeds in) their Home. The Nuku will so ''curse'' Man with illness and ''Bad Omens'' (seen as nightmares).