• Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

Most of Western African Cultures, as well as ''New World'' displacements as a result of forced Slavery have the Title of ''Nganga'' in their Folk Magic Belief Systems. These were seen as ''wise and learned'' Men (and very occasionally Women), Herbalists and Healers. While not necessarily in the Class of Shaman or the misnomer ''Witch Doctor'' The Nganga specialized in using natural herbs and remedies to cure the sick and related illness. They did not ''conjure'' or commune with Spirits or relative as did other ''Specialists''. The Nganga did however use fortune telling or forecasting for some of their rituals (which no doubt caused the misinformation when first encounter by Western Society). They did wear specialized costumes and especially Masks. This may have been more relative to their ''Office'' that ''scaring off'' any potential ''demonic'' or ''spiritual'' attacks. When the position migrated to The Americas, Nganga and their herbalist skills were adopted by Haitian and related Folk medicine practices and religious belief systems.