• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

Ancient Greek Mythology tells of The Goddess ''Nemesis'', as being responsible for enacting retribution against Mortals who disregard The Gods. Linked to ''Adversary'', Nemesis was portrayed as Female, often carrying the tools of War (Sword, Shield etc). Nemesis dispensed ''justice'' regardless of One's intentions (good or bad). The ''punishment'' to transgressors was never excessive (but had to equal to the violation). It may cause a General to ''lose a battle'' but not The War. Later still, ''Resentment'' was associated with Her Name. When The Romans adopted Her, She was more embraced by Roman Military Recruits – than the rank and file citizen. In the 3rd Century AD, Nemesis would be ''joined'' with other Gods or Goddess. Nemesis would be associated with Fortuna. Nemesis was seen as a favored God of Emperors as well (as they sat in judgment additionally).