• The World of Lovecraft
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By Crusader1307

The ''Crown Jewel'' in the literary treasures of American Horror Writer HP Lovecraft's novels, The ''Necrononmicon'' is the ultimate Grimoire which contains all ''known'' Arcane knowledge of use to Conjurers. First appearing in in 1924s ''The Hound'', The Book is frequently mentioned throughout Lovecraft's tales and used by His contemporaries as well in their stories. Said to be ''thousands of years old'' and derived from the Ancient Greeks, The Necronomicon is used to summon not only The Dead (back to life) but to ''bring forth'' Deities and Dark Lords from The Netherworld. Although widely seen as Fiction, Lovecraft stated often that such a Book did in fact exist. However, Lovecraft may well been referring to the infamous ''Lessor Key of Solomon''.