• Legends From Around The World
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By Crusader1307

The Ancient Mesoamericans (which would encompass Incan, Aztec, Olmec and Toltec Cultures) had a belief common to many other Native American Societies. They believed that Beings (being neither Human nor Demon), lived in The World, who could change their shape from one form to another. As we have seen, Western Cultures call these ''Beings'' Shapeshifters. Many Legends and Myths feature these Entities. The Mesoamerican ''version'' was known as The ''Nagual''. Often, Naugals are likewise meshed in Witchcraft and Demon Myths. They seem to be a ''catch all'' Creature. The Aztec made them more of a Man Wolf or someone who had invoked a particular ''deal'' with The Underworld, for ''great power and immortality''. The ''catch'' was that they assumed the form of a Wolf with Human characteristics. ''Illustrations'' of these ''Beings'' can be found dating to 3,500 BC. In addition to a Wolf, other Naguals could be Bats and Predatory Felines. Commonly, all Naguals share the desire to drink human blood. However, once One becomes a ''Nagual'' One will remain one forever (as there is apparently no method to release a ''cursed soul'' condemned as such).