Nang Ta Khian

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By Crusader1307

The Nang Ta-Khian is a Thai Myth relating to Nature Spirits. These are the personification of variety large and majestic trees. The ''appear'' in the guise of a ''Human Female''. The are spectral and seen to be tethered to their ''Host Tree''. Some see The Nang Ta-Khian as the ''Soul'' of a Tree. As a ''Female'' they are described as ''unnaturally beautiful''. Their apparel is always the same color Green. Just prior to removal a a specific tree (for construction purposes), a ceremony is performed by a Priest. In this function, The Nang Ta-Khian must ''give permission'' (considering the request is valid). If none is given, One must move on. Cutting down a Tree nonetheless will cause a Curse not only to the Offender but His Family.