''Muckie'', The Killarney Lakes Monster

  • Cryptids
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By Crusader1307

Scotland is not the only location in The World with it's own ''Nessie'' (Lake or Loch Monster). Although not as well known, ''Muckie'' is said to reside in The Killarney Lakes of County Kerry in Ireland. Muckie's origins are murky at best, but it is said that the 30-odd foot Serpent (or Eel-Like) Creature has been living there since the 17th Century AD. More modern reports began in 2003, when a Sonar Scan of The Lake for fisheries population control ''revealed'' a ''massive object, possibly animal – moving at a very fast rate''. The ''Object'' was determined to be a ''biologic''. No other large size such creatures have ever lived in The Lake (apparently). Now a bit of a Tourist draw, many still wait for that telling (soon to come) photograph.