Mother Skipton

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By Crusader1307

 With very little evidence to even establish that a ''Mother Shipton'' even existed, ''She was said to have been a Prophetess and Herbal Healer in 15th Century AD England. An while records exist to confirm that one Ursula Southeil (''Mother'') did live, little exists to prove some of Her more dramatic ''visions''. As a Healer, She was said to live in a remote Cave near North Yorkshire, England. It was claimed that Mother was horrible in appearance hence Her choice to ''live underground''.

''Mother'' was said to go into trances and would ''write down'' the visions She ''beheld in Her Mind's Eye''. She foretold of Events in English History many hundreds of years into the future. She ''saw'' The End of The Monarchy (The English Civil War) and it's Restoration. ''Mother'' also saw what could be seen as both World Wars and even ''Man's End''. Her writings were collected and eventually published in 1862. However, the language of the texts do not match up with 16th Century ''English'' and many feel that Her ''writings'' were done by someone else, eager to ''cash in'' on Her ''legend''. Her ''Cave'' still serves as a Tourist Attraction in England. Incidentally, ''Mother'' was about 60% correct in most of Her ''Visions''.