Morgan Le Fey

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

One of the main antagonist of The Arthurian Legend, Morgan Le Fey (also known as Morgana, later in the 15th Century), was King Arthur's Step-Sister. She was a Sorceress who craved more and more power. Her dislike of Arthur was based on many factors. Morgan was the daughter of King Gorlois, who was killed under enchantment by Merlin for Uther Pendragon. She harbored deep resentment as a result of this. Morgan used her formidable Magic to become an Apprentice to the Great Merlin. But this was a ruse to wrest the most powerful spells known to kill her Brother Arthur. She used her feminine “charms” to seduce Merlin and a host of others. She even tried to enchant Lancelot. Morgan used the same Magic that Merlin used against her Mother Igraine, on Arthur to enchant him. He laid with his Wife Guinevere, but this was actually Morgan in “disguise”. She would become pregnant and give birth to the infamous Mordred (Arthur's Son). Her demise in The Arthurian Legend is different depending on The Era. Some point to her Son Mordred becoming a more powerful Magician than she. Hating his Mother, he cursed her with a Hag-like visage and was killed by Arthur in a dream. Others, that Morgan was disowned by her Son and – with his eventual death in battle with his Father, disappeared into History. Morgan was often used to associate “Black Magic” in The Middle Ages. Some cite her and Merlin's Myth as being a major component in Medieval Witchcraft and Magic beliefs.