More Ghosts of Gettysburg

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 3 mins

By Crusader1307

 As we have seen, The Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (1863), was an epic engagement of The American Civil War. The 3-day contest is seen as the ''death knell'' of The Confederate States and their last bid attempt to invade The Northern States and win their independence. Between 45 and 50,000 soldiers on both sides died in those terrible ''three days in July''. As we have also seen in previous Articles, Gettysburg today is possibly one of the most haunted placed in The US. Many hundreds of photos, investigations and even film, have been produced to prove that in some cases – some of these ''soldiers'' are still ''on duty''. The most recent Case, comes from 2015 and an American reality Film Crew, who were at The Battlefield to film their take on the reported paranormal activities.

Gettysburg is a vast place ''in the middle of nowhere''. While much of the primary Battlefield is a clearly marked National Battlefield Park, so much of the battle spilled into nearby privately owned homes and farms. Small roads cut here and there through not only the battlefield bu these properties as well. One can became very easily lost. This is what happened to out film crew. They were driving around getting their bearings for a night shoot. They sped through the small roads totally lost. The Cameraman in the back was trying to read a map and shoot ''junk shots'' from their passing video. He forgot to turn off His camera when His Production manager and him began to argue over where they were. After 10 minutes or so, they found there way to a main Road and found their way back to their Hotel. The Cameraman realized that He had been filming ''nothing''. So He ran back the play of the film for a ''quick peak''. What He saw somewhat perplexed him.

The camera picked up (from the car window), the passing tall amber saw grass which was on both sides of the road they were driving on. Suddenly, and only for a few seconds – a ''group'' of what appeared to be ''6 Men dressed as Union Soldiers'' were seen. Two of them were carrying ''both National and Regimental Colors''. No great detail of their faces or bodies could be enhanced. No great issue they thought. Probably Re-enactors (Civil War Buffs who dress as Civil war Era Soldiers). However, when the Crew did their ''research'' with The National Park Administrators, they determined that what they ''saw'' was ''something else''.

Gettysburg has very strict rules regarding battlefield usage. Such Civil war Groups (and such people are well versed in the regulations), cannot stage their battles and meetings on National Property (owing to the sacred nature of the field or region. Many are also Military Cemeteries). Most such functions happen well away from the location. Further, while The Park does have Guides known as Living Historian (Employees who dress as soldiers for Tourists), these are seasonal employees and none would be stationed at such a far away location. Most worked at the more visited locations of the battle. Perhaps, as some think – the Crew was hoaxing, trying to drum up interest in their ''Haunted Gettysburg'' Film. Or just perhaps, they accidentally captured a ''lost moment'' in time.