Molten Gold

  • Man's Inhumanity to Man
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By Crusader1307

Gold....The Political and Financial measure used by Humans for Centuries. Nations have used it for cause of War and Peace at times. Hence One might not imagine it being used as a method of Execution...but apparently it was SEVERAL times in Human History. The first recorded use was around the 4th Century AD, when Visigoths poured Molten God ''down the throat'' of a particularly ''annoying'' Late Roman Era General. Later, a 1599 report from a Spanish Colony in Central America – had Natives pour Molten Gold down the throat of a cruel Spanish Governor. But the true cause of death is far more gruesome. The Molten Gold, coursing down One's throat is Not was eventually kills you. Rather, the Human Body is mostly moisture (water). The extreme (and REALLY extreme) heat creates a fast moving ''blast'' of steam moving thru the body. This super charged heat ''blows out'' One's lungs, hearts and nearly every other organ. Once it reaches the stomach, the combination of steam and heat will ''blow out'' both the abdomen and bowls. Hence, a VERY gruesome death indeed. Naturally, a Human will be death within seconds of ''exposure''. But still, oddly enough – an ''experiment'' was conducted using Molten gold to ''test'' just what exactly happens to a Human so ''disposed of'' But relax – No Human volunteered. Doctors using a already deceased Cow, poured Molten Gold insie the animals mouth. True to documented reports, the liquid ''goo'' blasted thru the body – exploding internal organs as the steam built. The resulting excess ''rocketed'' out all the Cow's orifice's. Finally, the steam ''blew out'' poor ''Bessie's'' tummy. A cruel way to die....indeed.