Medicine Bag

  • Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

 The ''Medicine Bag'' is a common feature of many Western Films and Novels. Associated with a Native American ''Medicine Man'' (Shaman), these were in reality a real artifact of many Indian Tribal Religious beliefs. These sacks were variable in size and design, often embellished with beads and other forms of Tribal Art. The bag was kept by the Tribal Shaman, into which was kept various artifacts needed to protect The Tribe from harm. In addition, The Tribal Shaman used His Bag to ensure a successful Tribal Hunt (for food), as well as success in battle. Depending on The Tribe, The Bag contained various sacred articles such as bone, feathers or stones. Each was linked to a particular Tribal ''legend'' and it's alleged ''power'' came from the ''skill'' of The Medicine Man and His ability to manifest it. Often, Tribal Braves carried their own smaller bags into battle or hunt, these carrying what The Brave perceived as ''lucky'' items. These Charms were often either blessed by The Medicine Man, by placing them inside His Bag (transferring some of His power and protection into The Brave's bag). Bags were made of hide, sewn by The Medicine Man and made when He was ''in training'' for His future position. A Bag is not ''passed down'', but is buried with The Medicine Man when He dies. Prior to His ''turning over'' His position to His ''replacement'', His ''magic'' is ''poured into'' the New Bag – mixing with whatever trinkets His replacement has selected.