• Funerary Customs & Traditions
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By Crusader1307

Related to The Ancient Greece (and carried on in other World Cultures), ''Maschalismos'' was a practice by which a deceased person was ''rendered incapable'' of ''returning from The Dead''. This was especially true to murder victims. It was thought they would ''return'' to seek out their Murderer as a walking ''pestilence''. One such ''method'', was to dismember the corpse in a specific manner. This would be to remove the hands, feet, nose and eyes (so the reanimated corpse could not ''function'' as they ''did in Life''). Some Native Native American Cultures believed that The Dead could fly (as a bird). A common practice was to place eggs under the neck or armpits of the deceased. It was thought that much as a female bird does, the corpse would do so too (being too preoccupied to ''seek out'' whatever revenge they sought). Another example was the breaking of the deceased bones and ''filling the body'' with stones (to weigh it down, making it impossible to extricate itself from the grave).