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By Crusader1307

In Basque Mythology, Mari is a ''Creation Deity'' which goes back for Eons. She is the Wife of Sugaar – the ''prime'' Creator of Life. Mari is also associated with weather as well as fertility. She is said to ''live'' in various locations throughout Spain. It is said that when Mari is dwelling inside Her magical Cave, weather is dry and calm. When She is ''about'', rain will happen. As such, Mario's association with fertility was created. With rain come crop grow. Mari has a Court of associates known as Sorginak. These are best seen as a form of Witch, although they were never Human. Both Male and Female forms exist. They advise Mari on a variety of issues and are known to carry Her pleasure (or lack of), to Humanity. With the advent of Christianity, ''Mari'' was adopted into ''Mary'', Mother of Christ and likewise venerated.