Mardoc The Voyager

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By Crusader1307

A Welsh Legend, Madoc was said to have be a Welsh Prince in the 11th Century AD. His Family ''quarrels'' over just whom would rule led Welsh Nobility into constant rebellions. So disgruntled by this Madoc commissioned a ''mighty Ship'' to be built. Recruiting a Crew, Madoc set forth to explore the ''Great Unknown'' of the far ''Eastern Waters'' (Atlantic Ocean). It is further said, Madoc and His Men ''found'' a ''beautiful Land of plenty, inhabited by strange and savage peoples'' (sound familiar?) Madoc (who left Wales according to the yarn in 1170 AD) – returned to tell His people of what He had seen and found. Madoc was able to recruit a group of 200 Colonists to journey back to this ''Land''. They did so, never to be seen or heard of again. Naturally, Madoc was said to have ''discovered'' The Americas some 300 years before Columbus did, but in reality – this legend was more likely to have been ''created'' by The English centuries later, as a means of propaganda against The French and Spanish, both of whom were vying for ''ownership'' of The New World. Perhaps....or perhaps someday we will find proof of ''Prince Madoc'' and His ''Lost Welsh Colony of America''.