Manse Jolly

  • Urban Legends
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 Some say He was a ''real'' Person whose sad family tragedy helped to ''create'' His forthcoming Legend – others that Manse was every bit a ''Monster'' as portrayed. Regardless, Manson (Manse) Jolly was a 5th Son of a South Carolina Farming Family. Poor but dedicated to His Family without fault, Manse had 6 Brothers and 4 Sisters. Life was hard but with the love of His Family, Manse did fine. That was until The War Between The States began in 1861.

Manse and His Brothers went off to serve in The Confederacy. Manse had no contact with His Family and His letters home went unanswered. After The War, He went back to His Hometown of Anderson. It was there Manse heard the truth. Manse found that His Brothers were dead. Five had been killed by ''Bluebellys'' (the derogatory term for Northern Soldiers). Manse's other Brother killed Himself when He came home (perhaps an early example of PTSD). Manse's Sisters were likewise, unheard from and no one was sure just what happened. Horrible tales of abuse at the hands of Federal Soldiers were tarried about.......

Legend states that Manse swore revenge. He vowed to ''kill 5 Yankee's for every One of His Brothers'' and ''10 More for His Sisters''. Some Say Manse dressed up in His ex-Confederate Uniform and obscured His face with a sackcloth Mask. Perhaps He looked like a living ''Scarecrow''.....Manse sharpened His sword and knife, and as it was said – Northern Soldiers garrisoning South Carolina were being found ''ripped to shreds''. Thinking it was a contingent of still rebellious Southerners who refused to accept they ''lost The War'', bounties a plenty were offered for their Killer. Some even informed against Manse. They to met a grisly fate it was said. Some say as many as 200 soldiers and traitors fell under Manse's blade. Never caught, it was said He escaped to Texas where he was said to have drowned crossing a river. Others, that His soul will never rest until His ''appetite'' for suffering is filled. Many in South Carolina still tell of tales today of Manse Jolly riding thru the countryside, in search of more victims......