• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

Linked to Ancient Etruscan Mythology, ''Mania'' was the ''Goddess of The Dead''. Much like the later adopted Hades (Roman), She and Her ''Husband'' – Mantus, occupied a similar role. Mania was seen as ''Mother of Ghosts'', able to control all those who had died and were spirit. During the time required to ''judge'' them, they were ''used'' for all manner and purposes. It could be as a Portent or Haunting in the Living World. Her very appearance was both ''beauty and complete ugliness''. So much so, that IF a living Man or Woman ''beheld'' Her, they would go insane (and so would their spirit in The Afterlife). The psychological ideology of Mania (insanity) was derived from Her name when Her Cult was dopted by The Greeks.