''Mandy'' The Doll

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 3 mins

By Crusader1307

 An extremely ''strange'' Story which can be ''believed or not'', ''Mandy'' is a Baby Doll possibly 100 years old. She wears an early 20th Century white dress and looks of every part the classic ''Antique'' Figurine. Unfortunately, Mandy is haunted (or at very best possessed by a highly irate Spirit). Our ''Tale'' takes place in Canada. As ''Mandy's'' origin story goes around 1910, a Farmer was passing by an abandoned Barn. As He did, He ''heard'' a ''sobbing and weeping'' from inside. The crying sounded childlike. Concerned, and see no one around He investigated. Searching The Barn, He found a ladder that led down into what appeared to be a Basement or Cellar. Inside, The Farmer was greeted with the horrible sight of a long dead little girl. In her arms She was still clutching Her ''Baby Doll''. Why anyone would want this item is unknown, but after the Police Investigation, The Farmer took possession of The Doll (whom He clean and named ''Mandy''). The Doll made it's way into His Family in this manner.

It was never explained who the dead girl was or even if foul play was suspected. Perhaps she was a runaway or even playing unattended and fell inside the Basement. Maybe she was hurt and could escape. Why no one ''looked for Her'' is likewise unexplained. By the 1920s, ''Mandy'' had had a ''rough life'' it appears. Her ceramic head was cracked and improperly repaired. One of Her glass eyes was not reset properly either. This gave ''Mandy'' a ''pop eyed'' look. Then in 1991, a Curator of a Canadian Museum on Cultural History was approached by an ''identified'' Person carrying a doll. This ''Man'' donated the antique to the museum simply stating that 'He ''could keep in in His home anymore'' and the doll (being an antique), needed a proper home''. The Museum Curator saw that (although roughed up), the overall Doll and clothing was in excellent condition for being 100 years old. He took custody of ''Mandy''. And now the ''strangeness'' starts...........

Mandy was placed in a bag treated to react to any possible insect infestation (as was a normal function). Left over night in the Museum Lab, when Staff returned it appeared that a ''Child had ransacked the Lab''. Mandy also appeared to have tried to ''claw Her way Out'' of Her ''confinement''. It had to be a joke or possible Intruder. The strange phenomenon happened several more times during various conservation techniques. When Mandy was finally ready of exhibition (Her face was left alone, fearing it was too damaged to conserve), every one who looked at Her exhibit all stated that a feeling of ''uneasiness'' was felt. The ''feelings'' got so overwhelming, Mandy's exhibit was closed. Investigated by a Psychic, the claim is that Mandy'' is the ''receptacle'' for the Spirit of the little girl who died so horribly. ''She'' wants ''attention'' and throws ''tantrums'' when She doesn't get it. The Museum still on occasion will display Mandy but for the most part ''She'' is kept in a vault (probably a good idea). And yes, ''Mandy'' would become fodder for a 2018 Independent Horror Film of the same name.