Maman Brigitte

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By Crusader1307

One of the few Female ''Loas'' in Haitian Voodoo Practice and Ritual, ''Maman Brigitte'' is the Wife (or Companion) of Baron Samedi. Like Him, She is another personification of Human Death. He is said to be the ''Step Mother'' to the previous Article on ''Ghede Nibo''. With many of The Haitian Loas associated with Catholic Christianity and The Saints of that Religious System, ''Maman Brigitte'' is related to Mary Magdelene. Oddly, many of ''Brigitte'''s origins are linked to Ireland, giving rise to such influence from Settlers, Pirates and such from that Island to Haiti. She is tasked with ''caring for The Dead'' more than their Relative would (or want tom if they were bad in Life). She also helps Lost Souls ''find their way'' to ''Eternal Rest'' (for which She is most invoked to do by the living). It is said that Baron Samedi cannot resist Her requests when made. In Art, Maman Brigitte is seldom portrayed with the traditional ''Death's Skull'' visage, but still wears the ritual Top Hat and Tail Coats of a Loa.