Mama Killa

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By Crusader1307

The Incan Culture was a highly advanced Pre-Columbian Culture in South America (Peru). Dating to European contact (1438 AD), it may be far older. Destroyed by The Spanish (1533 AD) – The Incan had an equally advanced Religious Belief System of Gods and each had their own Origins and Mythology. ''Mama Killa'' was one such. Seen as a ''Creation Deity'', Her name ''Mama'' for Mother and the Incan word ''Killa'' for Moon, identifies Her as their Moon Goddess. Her personification in Incan Art varies, but She is shown as Female (Incan) and at other times an all knowing ''Eye'' within The Night Sky. Mama Killa was also Patron of Women and of their bodily functions. The Spanish called her ''Quilla''.