Maitre Carrefour

  • Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

In The ''Triad of Magicians'' in Haitain Voodu Mythos ''Maitre Carrefour'' is Loa of The Crossroads. Literally, the belief centers on the ''path'' that ''One takes during His or Her Life'' (be it Good or Evil). The Color Red is most associated with Him. He is also known as ''Kalfu''. In Christian icon depiction, ''Maitre Carrefour'' is associated with ''Satan''. Some Art depiction show Him as a ''Young Man'' (well dressed), while other depict Him as a traditional ''Death Loa'' (Skull and Ritual ''Dandy'' clothing). The creating of a ''Cross'' (non-religious), is a means of invoking His ''assistance''. He can be used to bring Bad Luck and catastrophe to some. In an odd sacrifice, Rum ''infused'' with gunpowder is offered to Him.