• Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

From The American Ozark Mountain Region and the peoples that live there – ''Madstones'' were seen as a form of Folk Magic (Healing). Also known as a ''Beozar Stone'', these strange ''rocks'' are actually not stones at all, but the calcified secretion from the stomachs of various animals (mostly Bovine). It is not clear as to why they form, but they are seen as a form of digestion aide. As early as the 17th Century AD, ''Madstones'' were seen as a form of healing remedy. When procured, The Stone was placed onto a person who suffered poisoning (of any form). By leaving The Stone on the affected area, it was thought to ''draw out'' the affliction – healing the sufferer. Conversely, those thought to have been given the disease Rabies were likewise ''healed'' with Madstones. After the ''cure'' was administered, The Stone was no longer used. Part of the ''origin'' of The Madstone, is that they can never be sold for money (hence they will not work). As such, true Madstones are very rare and hard to find (save examples in some Museums).