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By Crusader1307

From Islamic Mythology, The Madrids were relative to The Djinn (or Genie). And while a Djinn could be either ''Good or Evil'' - The Madrid was sgtrictly evil. As a Supernatural Entity, The Madrid had never been Human. Their purpose for exsitence was actually two-fold. The First, was ''spy'' on activities in Heaven for their Dark Master (those Wizards who conjured them). Armed with this information, The Wizard could influence not only His life, but engance (or detract) from others. As such, Guardians in Paradise were alsway vigilant for the ''presence'' of The Madrid. The Madrid were known to shapeshift into many non-threatening forms to accomplish this goal. Another purpose for The Madrid, appears to be to being pestilence and famine upon One's Enemies. Often, Madris were ''fought'' against by securing a Good Djinn, to do battle with one.