Lucy Lightfoot

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By Crusader1307

Perhaps a hoax, but stranger tales have been told. The ''Legend'' of one ''Lucy Lightfoot'' originated in the 1830s on The Isle of Wight (in The English Channel). According to the tale, young Lucy (possibly around 13 years old), simply ''vanished'' after a harsh and unexplained storm hit the Island. Some say that with a flash of lighting, she just ''disappeared''. Now for the ''weirdness''..........The Legend states that in the 13th Century a ''mysterious and learned girl'' known as ''Lucy'' helped a Group of Medieval Knights. Her ''exploits'' were supposedly recorded and unearthed in the 1960s by a local Vicar. To support His ''tale'', a wooden effigy was produced, claiming it to be the likeness of Lucy. The wooden icon was of a type commonly used as a Funeral Effigy. ''Believers'' of the yarn stated that Lucy obviously was caught up in a Time displacement event, which transported Her back in time to the 13th Century. Her real Family spent several years trying to locate the missing girl, even offering a reward for information. Even foul play was investigated without result. The Vicar of the local Church eventually stated that the ''Lucy'' Tale was fabricated by Him, but many points of the case make no sense. The Wooden Icon is still on display at His Church, nonetheless.