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By Crusader1307

 In the Swamps of Louisiana, MANY unknown things are said to exist. Some are obviously ''Tall Tales'' and other enter into the realm of ''unknown and unproven''. ''Letiche'' is quite possibly a part of both. The Cajun Peoples (a combination of Peoples who are French, African American and Native American in descent and have created their own unique culture and language) – tell a ''Swamp Tale'' of a Being that is ''part-Human'' and ''part-Alligator''. This strange Cryptoid was said to haunt The Bayou's of Louisiana (with appearances reported all throughout The State, at different times).

If not some form of evolutionary mistake, ''Letiche'' also has several supernatural ''backstories''. ''He'' was said to be the combined Spirits of unbaptized Infants. Cursed to have no claimed family and unable to enter into Heaven, their ''anger'' was manifested into Letiche. ''He'' prowls The Swamps and attacks wayward travelers (especially those lost in flatboats).

Later variations of Letiche give even more fantastic origin stories. A popular one has a small Boy abandoned by His Family for a number of reason (Yellow Fever being the most popular then). With no one to care for Him, He wandered into The Swamps (with death surely hours away). A group of Alligators saw Him and felt for his plight. Rather than eating Him, they ''adopted Him and raised The Boy as one of their own. In a story which turns in Burroughs ''Tarzan of The Apes'' – Letiche (after years of living in The Swamp), is covered in moss and muck. He is 6-feet tall and extremely (supernaturally) strong. ''He'' no longer communicates as a Human would, but make ''clicks'' much as Alligators do to communicate.