Les Lavandieres

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By Crusader1307

Although Celtic by nature, the legend of The ''Midnight Washerwomen'' (Les Lavandieres), was immortalized by French Painter Yan Dargent in 1861. Their tales is actually thousands of years old and have no doubt been adopted into many other European Regions. For their origins, they are said to be Spirits of murdered women. Others cite that The ''Women'' never were human. As it is said, they are found only after midnight, near river banks ''washing shrouds''. The Shroud is labeled with the name of the next person in a Village to die. It is further related that if One can ''steal'' their Shroud before the next Moon, they will avoid their ''misfortune'' that will end their life. The Washerwomen were also linked to Scotland's Banshee and Sith Spirits.