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By Crusader1307

The term ''Legion'' is relative to The Christian Holy Bible, and is used to refer to a collective or group of Demons. While ''Military'' connotations are given particularly with regards to Demon Leaders that ''Command'' Legions the comparison is unintentional. The term probably was taken from Ancient Roman use (again to identify The Military Formation). The first usage of such, seen in The Gospel of St. Mark tells the story of Christ ''casting out'' a Demon from a Man (so thought possessed). As part of the Ritual (Rite) of Exorcism One must ''command'' a Demon to ''identify itself'' or disclose it's name. In The Gospel, when Christ asks, The ''Demon'' states it is ''Legion, For We Are Many'' (disclosing that more that One such Demon was plaguing the poor Soul). From this point, the term ''Legion'' has been associated with demonic encounters. While not all demonically possessed address themselves as ''Legion'', the term is found several times in History (as recorded by Exorcists). In fact some ''single possessions'' often try to mislead an Exorcist by stating they are ''more than one''. One truly possessed by a ''Legion'' would be a formidable and very dangerous Subject. Legion is also misidentified as being a particular Entity which as we have seen, is not.