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By Crusader1307

Mythos from Maylasia and Indonesia, The Langsuyar are linked with Vampire and Revenant Classifications of Demon. They are linked to stories of Women who die in childbirth. While some Pacific Nations show them in Art as being a Spectral, disembodied Head (with unadorned Spinal Cords bellowing in the wind). Others portray The Langsuyar as ''beautiful Women with stunning;y long Black Hair. Either Form ''hunts'' the same. They prefer to feed on the blood on newborn Male Children. They will leave them ''alive''. Female newborns are not so fortunate, as they often ''consume'' them whole. One such ''Protection measure'' against The Langsuyar is to construct a wooden Doll, made in the iage of one. Blessed by a Village Shaman, this is said to ward them off (thinking that it is another of their Kind who has already claimed a House as it's hunting ground). After the newborns have reached 5 years of age, most Langsuyar lose interest.