Lake of Fire

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By Crusader1307

The concept of a ''Lake of Fire'' is not unique to Western Christianity. Variations can found as far back as Ancient Egypt. All seem to agree, that such a ''location'' is reserved for those deemed damned in The Afterlife. Such Souls are tormented to forever burn (without loss of flesh it seems), for all Eternity. In Western Culture, The ''Lake of Fire'' is seen as a generalized torment. Those with specific Sins do not always warrant this punishment (being subjected to far worse). Most associated with Hell, much of the imagery of The Lake of Fire was ''created'' during The Middle Ages, by The Catholic Church. In Art and Literature, The Lake was portrayed as such as a means of instilling what would happen to those persons who did not live their lives according to biblical teachings. In Western biblical terms, The Lake of Fire is mentioned in both The Book of Mark and Revelations.