Lake Lanier

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

The Government stated it destroyed or otherwise wrecked the Town. So too, did they ''relocate'' the City Cemetery (paying to have ''residents'' relocated, as it were). But many of the older graves (1840s), had no relatives. And while they deny it, many have proof that the Government ''left'' some. But time goes on. The Lake would become a source for tourism ''dollars'' for many years....and hundreds (over 600 accidental deaths). Many tree branches, remaining wood and concrete are blamed for boating accidents and drownings. Other however, tell stories of ''feeling arms, hands, feet and legs'' brush by them and even GRAB a few passerbys (at least that is what is claimed). ''Orbs'' dancing across the waters are also a common sighting and is the sighting of ''hands'' jutting from the water. ''These'' disappear if one gets too close for a picture. The conclusion of most is that of the bodies ''left behind'', the Spirits are ''annoyed'' at being abandoned as it were. Perhaps the idea of so many frolicking on the waves is too much. Underwater expeditions have been conducted (with videos). These do prove the fact that much of the demolished Town still remains, but the old graveyard is yet to be discovered – now buried and obscured by the many decades of silt, which compose the bottom of the Lake now. Perhaps one day, they will be found, before anyone else has an ''accident''.............. ''Care For A Swim, Anyone?''