La Bolefuego

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By Crusader1307

From Columbia, South America – comes the Tale of La Bolefuego (or roughly translated – ''The Firehead''). The frightening visage of a ''Woman in Flames'' is said to be a spectral Wraith which dates to the 18th Century AD. A young Woman and Her Child were attacked in their Home by Bandits. Her Husband was away on business. Although She fought, She was overpowered. Brutalized and robbed, The Bandits decided to set fire to Her Home, with Her and Her Child inside. The Woman prayed to God for help. In the end, overcome by smoke, She and Her infant died – burned to a charred corpse. It is said La Bolefuego likes to attack travelers – showing Her ''burning corpse'' to scare them to death. But be warned...DO NOT utter a prayer! This is said to only anger La Bolefuego even more. Should She be seen, One must close one's eyes VERY tight and NOT gaze upon Her. If lucky, She will leave (on Her own volition or with the coming rays of The Sun at dawn).