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By Crusader1307

The ''Deity'' Kurdalaegon is associated with The Ossetian Peoples (Iranian Descent), who lived in The Caucasus Mountain Region of Russia and surrounding Regions. ''He'' was seen as a Patron of Blacksmithing and Metal Workers. He is also associated with offering aid to those Souls (recently departed), who may lose their way enroute to Heavenly Judgment). A common story associated with Kurdalaegen, is that when lost Souls (who are riding Horses) lose their horseshoe, He will shoe them without charge and set them back on their way. Although Western Culture associates Kurdalaegon as a ''God'', Ossetian Mythology did not. He was seen as a ''Helper'' of The Gods, but with Deity status. With His abilities as a Metal Worker (with molten iron and fire), many state that The Ossetian's may have modeled Kurdalaegon after the comparable Roman God, Vulcan.