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By Crusader1307

A piece of Filipino Mythology, The ''Kumakatok'' are a gathering of three ''Spirits'' who travel the night to bring ''Bad Omens'' to a Village. Completely obscure in Robes (either Black or Red), The Kumakatok ''float''. None of their ''faces, hands or feet'' are usually seen. When they are, most often they are described as skeletal. They are akin to The European personification of Death as ''The Grim Reaper''. Another version shows Kumakatok as being ''perfectly Human'' in appearance, with One of the three being a Female and the other two, Elderly Men. Severe Epidemics and related disease outbreaks were fodder for The Kumakatok who always appear just before one strikes. They will go door to door, making their announcements ''of doom'' simply by ''saying the name'' of the person ''destined to die''. It was thought, with the advent of Christianity as the dominant Religious, that the painting of a simple White Cross'' on One's door, would ''ward off'' The Kumakatok.