Kenas unarpe

  • Demons and Devils
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By Crusader1307

In Ancient Japanese Mythos, ''Kenas-unarpe'' was a ''Demon Monster'' Deity who drank the blood of Her victims. Her origins come from the ''Beginning of The World'', when all The Creator Gods and Goddesses cast away all of their ''magical tools'' after ''building The World''. No longer used, they began to decompose. Out of this morass, ''Kenas-unarpe'' was born. So angry because The Gods would not accept Her Divinity, She swore revenge on Man by draining them of their ''life'' (blood). However, She had pity of Womankind and felt sorry for their ''suffering in childbirth''. If a Woman was in pain during the process, they need only ''call Her Name'' – and all pain would stop. Her face is said to be quite horrible to view, and She covers it with Her long, Black hair.