Kee Wakw

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By Crusader1307

The Native American Wabanaki were ''First Nation'' Tribesmen that formed The Wabanaki Confederacy. This loosely associated Native Tribe was actually composed of several Upper Northeastern United States and later Lower Canadian indigenous peoples. Dating back to many thousands of years, The Wabanaki – like all other Native Americans had Legends. Some of these were good and others quite bad. One such ''Bad'' was The Kee-Wakw. According to Myth, The Kee-Wakw was a fierce Demon that lived deep in many forests. Said to have been once Human and cursed after death, they resembled Humans still, but took on the form of a form of plant-animal hybrid. Often, The Kee-Wakw was noted for having a missing limb (such as leg or arm). If angered, they could grow to immense size (a Giant). The Kee-Wakw was bloodthirsty for Humans, hunting and devouring them should they come across them in their territory. In life, Honor and Truth were most cherished by The Wabanaki. Should One commit a major Sin against ''The People'' (as The Wabanaki referred to themselves), the offender's heart would turn to ice. In death, they would transform into a Kee-Wakw (as a form of eternal punishment). A primary source of defeating such a Beast, was to make it vomit up it's icy insides, causing it to melt in the Sun. Salt could also be used to melt The Creature as well.