Kau Chim

  • Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

The ''Kau Chim'' (or ''Chi Chi Sticks'') – are a form of Far Eastern Fortune Telling devices. Originating perhaps as early as the 4th Century AD, The Kau Chim are a series of 8-inch wooden sticks – numbering 100 total. One end is painted Red and a series of both Arabic and Chinese Numbers (1-20) are painted. The total sticks are kept in a special Chim Bamboo Cup. A person wishing to know a specific decision or ''life changing'' matter examined – they would go to a Kau Chim ''Reader''. Normally, One would hold the cup of sticks for a moment and hand it back to The Reader. The cup is them emptied of it's contents on the ground. The manner in which they fall (revealing the side of numbers or lack of), is then interpreted into answers. Kau Chim is practiced in China, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. Most Readers are highly regarded in a Community, even today.