Katherine Cross

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By Crusader1307

The strange Case of One Katherine Cross is still a puzzlement today. The young Oklahoman Woman (A US Mid-Western State) died in 1917. Living in the small Town of Konawa, as our story has thus progressed, nothing would seem out of the ordinary. That is until One reads Her Epitaph on Her Gravestone. Cross, you see, was ''killed by Human Wolves'' (or as many have stated – ''Werewolves''). Found in a state of ''ravaging'' (torn up), Cross did not live long. Medical examination determined that there seemed to a ''deliberate method'' to Her injuries – not consistent with a ''mere animal''. Such crimes were unknown in the remote Oklahoma. Naturally, a Supernatural approach was attached. It had to be the work of Wolfmen (roaming the countryside for victims). As such, Her Headstone was carved to relate this fact ''Killed By Human Wolves''. In time, research has found that perhaps Cross (who was not a Black-American or of ''Mixed'' Race), was killed by The infamous Ku Klux Klan (although for what reason is never made clear). Another popular myth, is that Cross died as the result of a botched abortion. Still, How Did She Meet Her End?